The evolution of Fintech, its role in the capital markets and its strategic importance in driving efficiency and competitiveness are the core of our first discussion. We examine the importance of new technologies in delivering regulatory compliance and wider benefits and also talk about the role of management and cultural change in successful Fintech adoption programs.

Peter Farley

About Peter Farley

Peter is an authoritative commentator and analyst on business challenges and best practises in the capital markets, in particular where IT and Fintech are delivering innovative solutions. He brings insight from a career that spans financial journalism and markets analysis, leading industry IT research teams, as well as working for a major global financial IT vendor.
Patrick Sutton

About Patrick Sutton

Patrick is a catalyst for developing cohesive client narratives. His knowledge and content expertise have empowered strategic campaigns around milestones in disruptive fintech. His passions include writing, delving into a wormhole of random research, Philadelphia sports and NBC’s The Office.