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In light of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Baton is seeing significant pressure on market structure. Firms are unable to net payments due to infrastructure limitations. While financial institutions are evaluating their existing systems, the current climate is too risky to integrate with new third-party providers. However, by highlighting the issues in the industry today, Arjun Jayaram, CEO and Founder of Baton Systems is showcasing how the financial community can come together in times of crisis and unprecedented stress to prepare for future crises and implement robust strategies and systems to help mitigate risks.

Arjun Jayaram

About Arjun Jayaram

Arjun Jayaram is the CEO and Founder of Baton Systems, responsible for driving business development as well as planning and implementing the strategic direction of the Company. Arjun brings over 22 years of experience as a Technology Executive at top-tier companies. Prior to founding Baton, Arjun was Vice President of Technology at Dwolla, a consumer and retail-focused payments solution, during which he was a member of the Fed Secure Payments task force, and managed Anti-Spam at Twitter. Before these positions, Arjun was Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Compass Labs, a social media advertising company, which was later sold to Yahoo. He has also served as Vice President of Engineering at Become.com, an Internet search and comparison shopping service, and held software engineering and management positions at enterprise software companies such as Sybase, Peoplesoft and BEA Systems. Arjun holds an MBA from California State University and a BTech from Calicut University. He resides in Fremont, California, with his wife and two daughters.
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