If banks want to really improve competitiveness and client service they need to resist short-term, incremental IT improvements and focus on fundamental innovation that delivers real change, according to Wrethink CEO James Gardner. James, who has wide experience both within banks and new startups, says CEO’s must be willing to disrupt and embrace new cultures and working practices if they want to succeed.

James Gardner

About James Gardner

James joined Wrethink from Gartner where he was CEO Executive Partner for High Tech firms in Silicon Valley. Prior to Gartner, he was Chief Product Officer for leading Private Equity firm Ignite Technologies. He's previously held roles at Microsoft, Head of Innovation at Lloyds Banking Group in London managing a portfolio of £100 million in new investments, and as CTO for the largest IT organization in Europe, the UK government.
Peter Farley

About Peter Farley

Peter is an authoritative commentator and analyst on business challenges and best practises in the capital markets, in particular where IT and Fintech are delivering innovative solutions. He brings insight from a career that spans financial journalism and markets analysis, leading industry IT research teams, as well as working for a major global financial IT vendor.