Data is at the heart of how the capital markets and its institutions will become more effective, efficient and competitive. In our latest podcast, we talk to John Bottega, Executive Director of the EDM Council and a former CDO at Citigroup and the NY Fed, about the importance of standards and new working practices to deliver meaningful and actionable data.

John Bottega, Executive Director, EDM Council

About John Bottega, Executive Director, EDM Council

John Bottega began working with the EDM Council as an industry contributor in 2005 and served as Chairman from 2007 to 2014. He joined the Council’s executive team as a Senior Advisor in 2014 and took over as Executive Director of the EDM Council in 2017. John is a senior strategy and data management executive with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Over his career, John has served as Chief Data Officer in both the private and public sectors, serving as CDO for Citi and Bank of America, as well as for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Visit edmcouncil.org to learn more.
Peter Farley

About Peter Farley

Peter is an authoritative commentator and analyst on business challenges and best practises in the capital markets, in particular where IT and Fintech are delivering innovative solutions. He brings insight from a career that spans financial journalism and markets analysis, leading industry IT research teams, as well as working for a major global financial IT vendor.